Whos your Daddy? For NBC’s Chuck, it is Scott Bakula.

For a while now, rumors had been floating around about who would be cast as the father of Chuck Bartowski for NBC’s series Chuck.

The plan for Pops to appear came about earlier this season when Chuck made a promise to his sister that he would make sure their father walked her down the aisle on her wedding day.

Michael Ausiello, of Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Scott Bakula has signed on as the Elder Bartowski. Bakula is best known for Quantum Leap and Enterprise.

“But when he finds him, he’s not necessarily a guy who wants to be found,”
Schwartz continues. “He’s living in a trailer, he’s disheveled, he’s paranoid
and he’s claiming constantly that Ted Roark [Chevy Chase] — who he used to work
with — stole all his ideas from him. And Ted Roark has now become this
super-successful software billionaire, and Chuck’s dad has become an eccentric,
living in the shadows.”

And we now have another tidbit: Chevy Chase will be making an appearance. I would love to see Chevy not suck here and have my fingers crossed that he can muster some of his early career mojo for this role.