Will 10 million dollars convince Chris Hemsworth to become Mitch Rapp?

Well shit. After years of nothing, there is movement towards bringing Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp to the big screen. Ever since word came of a large book/film deal with CBS, it seemed like a no-brainer that Mitch Rapp would get a shot at being the next action hero. But it has been four and a half years since the deal was made.

Now, names are actually being bandied about. Deadline is reporting that Chris Hemsworth has been offered 10 million to become Rapp for AMERICAN ASSASSIN. Earlier this year, we found out that Bruce Willis is looking to play Rapp’s mentor.

Hemsworth is best known as the hunky Norse god THOR and is attached to Ron Howard’s RUSH as well as Steven Spielberg’s film version of ROBOPOCALYPSE.

Jeffrey Nachmanoff is slated to direct. Jeffrey has two films (HOLLYWOOD PALMS, TRAITOR) under his directing belt and also wrote the screenplays for the brutally bad THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW and for LAST STAND, the upcoming Arnold Schwartzenegger film. In addition, he has done some TV with HOMELAND and the under-rated DETROIT 1-8-7.

It was less than two years ago that nobody knew who Chris was, now he is poised to step into what could well become his second franchise.