Winslow’s Bobby Z to bypass theaters, head directly to DVD

In 2005, John Herzfeld (2 Days in the Valley) directed Paul Walker and Laurence Fishburne in a film version of Don Winslow’s The Death & Life of Bobby Z.

Since then, the film has been sitting in post-production hell.
A decision has finally been made:
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will release the film, now simply titled Bobby Z, on DVD. No date has been announced, but it is likely to come out this fall.
A first-rate loser (Walker) has a chance to get out of prison by making a deal with the DEA that requires he pose as a legendary surfer-drug dealer, Bobby Z, in a hostage switch with a Mexican drug lord. When the ruse backfires, the fake Bobby Z goes on the run, with the 6-year-old son of the real Bobby Z in tow.