Wolverine #1
Marvel Comics

“Remember the 90’s?” That’s not usually an encouraging statement when talking about a comic book. However, one thing the 90’s did brilliantly is flat out super-hero stand-alone comics. While this is the first part of the story, it stands on it’s own. Taking all the best part of the hero books from the shunned era and combining them with the raw talent of two of the best names in comics and “Wolverine” comes out as one of the most readable and enjoyable books released in a while.

A battle at a mall between Wolverine and a normal middle-class father? Oh, with a giant crazy looking blaster gun. Wolverine has to come between the man, the citizens and the son who can’t seem to grasp what’s going on. After a solution is “found” the other shoe drops and Wolverine has to take this one on his own. The future holds a lot for this story. So many seeds to sow and thanks to the creative team you know they’ll bear fruit.

Who are these masters of comics? Paul Cornell, one of the most loved but underrated comics writers today and the legendary Alan Davis. Just one of their names on a book means I’m going to buy/love it. But both, and it’s a recipe for awesome comic action on many levels. Never heard of Paul Cornell? He’s just responsible for some of the best Dr. Who episodes from the Tennant era and plenty of the smartest comics in the past decade. He understands that this needs to be a fun book. A book that stands apart from all other Wolverine and X-Men titles. As much as I love Wolvie interacting with other heroes I’m glad to see him taking a mission on his own. And it’s not just dark, doom and gloom. This is going to be an adventure. A fantastic and gorgeous adventure because Alan Davis doesn’t do anything half-assed. His work leaps off the page, as always. Wolverine is the fun super hero book that has fallen to the wayside lately. Thankfully, Cornell and Davis have picked it up, dusted it off and shined it up for us.