Woodward joins DELTA BLUES.

Emmy winner Alfre Woodward has signed on for TNT’s DELTA BLUES. Woodward will be playing Dwight’s (Jason Lee) lieutenant. My impression is that there will be friction between the two. Alfre’s career is a long and impressive one. She has won the Emmy, Golden Golden Globe, Screen Actor’s Guild award as well as having been nomintated for the Oscar. Among her credits are dozens of television series (ST. ELSEWHERE, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, MY OWN WORST ENEMY, HILL STREET BLUES, L.A. LAW), some cable gems (MANDELA, MISS EVERS’ BOYS) and a film career (PASSION FISH, STAR TERK: FIRST CONTACT) of over 30 years.

DB is about Dwight Hendricks (Lee), an exceptional Memphis police officer who lives with his mother (Celia Weston) and moonlights as an Elvis impersonator. It may be worth noting that the wording seems to have changed in the press releases. Up til now, Dwight was called an Elvis impresonator, but he is now called “a tribute artist.” I hope to god this does not mean he will be doing various artists. I am hoping to get some clarification in the near future on this.

A few other actors have also recently come on board:
Sam Hennings as Dwight’s partner Charlie White, Robin Lively as Charlene, Dwight’s ex-wife whose catering company is contracted by the MPD and Leonard Earl Howze as another detective that often works with Dwight and Charlie. Hennings and Lively have made a living on television doing guest appearances in dozens of series while Howze is best known for Ice Cube’s BARBERSHOP films.

At this time, TNT has only greenlighted a pilot.