Words of William Diehl appear to once more be heading for the silver screen.

The words of best-selling author William Diehl appear to be heading, once more, to the big screen.

Co-Breaking Ball films has purchased the rights to Diehl’s 1991 thriller 27, with an eye on a 2010 release date.

“A wealthy American ex-bootlegger attempts to thwart a Nazi agent who plans to kidnap a group of VIPs and hold them hostage in exchange for President Roosevelt’s promise that the U.S. will stay out of WWII.”

This is the third of Diehl’s books to be adapted into a film.

First up was Sharky’s Machine. The 1981 thriller featured Burt Reynolds. It is slated to be remade with Phil Joanou directing. Joanou is best known for making videos for U2.

Diehl’s Primal Fear was made into a film in 1996, with Richard Gere, Laura Linney and a then unknown Edward Norton.