Author Work-Spaces: J T Prescott

J.T. Prescott:
Living in the digital age a writer’s workspace can be virtual. The work in progress can easily be contained with all of its notes, background research, and revisions in a single laptop and carried around from place to place. In theory then I can write just about anywhere, but in reality I have my favorite places to write. Success in other areas of my life has allowed me more than my fair share of places to choose from and I feel fortunate.
The Club
This is the place where I do most of my writing. It has all of my stuff in it, but it’s also often a gathering place, so I call it the Club. During the day it’s the Day Club and, of course, at night it’s the Nite Club. My son so named a clubhouse that I built for him and his gang when he was eight. As he got older it carried over to my place.
The old Underwood typewriter is something that speaks loudly to me about days gone by, a reminder that I’m spoiled with today’s technology. Writing is an age-old craft, and I am honored to practice it.
Books, old maps, photographs, paintings and other artworks surround me. I feel that they function like a magnet as it seeks to pull creativity out of me.
I have a lot of dogs, two golden retrievers and two miniature wirehaired dachshunds that somehow coexist quite well. The goldens usually keep me company while the dachshunds stand guard near my wife in case they need to spring into action. Whenever the goldens decide that I should take a break from writing, I feel one of them put their head on my leg, then it’s time to go out or get them a treat, or both.
The Fireplace
There is usually a fire going whenever it’s even slightly chilly outside. I find the snap and crackle of the fire mixed with the warm glow relaxing. It puts my mind into a more creative state.
I began to write after the death of some people close to me. Writing opened a door in my mind to a special place where I was completely distracted from the grief that I felt. There were no rules, anything goes. I would sit in the Club with a fire going in the middle of the night and write for hours, often until dawn. The hours seemed like minutes to me.
The Gazebo
Sometimes during the nice weather, I’ll tuck myself into this gazebo and set up my laptop on a simple table there. The view inspires me. I grew up in a very, very small house and I’ve always gravitated to big open spaces.
The Office
My day job can get in the way of my writing, but this is where I often make final adjustments.


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