WOW Victor Gischler’s SHOTGUN OPERA

I just finished
I am blown away. I read it in two sittings stopping only to throw some food in my gut. This book was amazing. It doesn’t have the same level as quirkiness that some of Victor’s other work has but I think his writing has gone up a notch or two.

It opens with two brothers who do work for the mob in New York. Something happens to put Mike off his game and he leaves ending up in Oklahoma. His brother Danny stays in New York, has a son and opens a bar. Danny get cancer but before passing tells his son Andrew if he ever needs help to call his uncle Mike. Not borrow money trouble, but real trouble.

Well, Andrew has that in spades and ends up on the run an in Oklahoma. He’s got bad people after him and his Uncle Mike looks like his only hope.

Fast paced, full of action and great characters Victor Gischler has written what is got to be one of my favorite books of the year.

Look for it in April in a mass market paperback. $6.99, buy extra copies and share with your friends, they will thank you.