Writer Paul Haggis,Director Mark Forster talk about next Bond film.

Oscar winner Paul Haggis, who was brought in to do some touch up work on the script for Casino Royale, has been announced as the writer for the next Bond Screenplay. Haggis has won Oscars for the screenplays for Crash and Million Dollar Baby.

Mark Forster will be the director. Forster has previously done Finding Neverland and Stay; and is currently filming The Kite Runner.

MI-6 has comment from both about what we should expect from the next Bond flick.

Few notes:

Haggis was offered the directing job, but turned it down. He felt it was too much of a commitment as it would take up about two years from start to finish.

The next one will take place not too long after Casino Royale.

Haggis is looking to combine exciting action sequences with a character-driven script.

Filming will start in December of 07, with a release date of Nov 7th 2008.