WRITTEN IN FIRE by Marcus Sakey Reviewed

Marcus Sakey
Jan 2015
Thomas & Mercer


Approaching the end of a trilogy is always a mixed bag of emotions for a reader. Will the writer destroy the characters we’ve come to love? Will everything come out okay in the end? Will it spoil everything that made the first two books so magical? Well, have no fear. This book is the perfect ending to one of the most unique and imaginative series I have ever read. With breakneck pacing and amazing characters, there is nothing but adrenaline and joy racing through every page.
At it’s core, this explosive finale is a war story. How a war of ideology is fought, what lengths a regular person may go to while under threat of invasion, and how to win when both sides are right? With pitting brilliant mind against brilliant mind, army against army, and personal battles on a smaller scale, though no less epic, this book will stay with you long after you turn the final page.
Sakey proves himself as a master, once again. This time taking his skills as a mystery writer and weaving them together with themes of evolution and societal tension, creating something all together unique and impossible to put down. When the battle is done, Sakey leaves you satisfied, but still wanting more in the world of the BRILLIANCE trilogy. If that’s not the sign of a perfect trio of books, I don’t know what is.
-Bryan VanMeter