X-Files graphic Novel

X-Files was a wonderful TV show. Amazon has them very inexpensive right now and so I’ve picked up a few seasons and have been watching them again. The early seasons in particular were really well done before they got overly bogged down with all the sup plots. The latest movie was a good crime flick, but didn’t feel like X-Files to me.

Wildstorm comics, an imprint of DC has recently done some X-Files comics and among the big name comic guys they also had the show’s producer and writer Frank Spotnitz do some of the writing. The first story opens with a murder and a missing girl. We soon learn that something is jumping bodies and can’t stop killing. There is also a tale of secret experiments for new ways to kill people remotely, a great tale with monsters and it wraps up with a strange murder investigation that seems to have a suspect in three places at once.

The whole thing is collected in a trade paperback and is available now. It has what I loved best about the show, a variety in cases, and wonderful interplay between characters.

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